The Society of Medical Laboratory Technology of South Africa (SMLTSA) was founded in 1951 after the amalgamation of the Natal, Southern Transvaal and Cape Societies.
Its purpose is to promote and regulate the profession of Medical Technology in South Africa.

Our aims and objectives are:

  • to unite medical technology practitioners under one body.
  • to provide a professional body to cater for the needs of medical technology.
  • to advise and assist in the education and training of medical technology practitioners.

The SMLTSA Constitution binds all those who are members.

Committees of Council

  • collate and direct all educational matters pertaining to the profession of Medical Technology
  • maintain and improve standards of education and training
  • all Scientific Advisory Committees, responsible for setting of examination papers, report to the education committee
  • monitor SMLTSA finances and compile an annual financial report
  • ensure that each Committee of Council annually submits a budget
  • monitor branch finances and the capitation of fees
  • improve communication and report progress
  • organise and administer the running of SMLTSA
  • review all constitutional proposals, changes and suggestions noted in the minutes
  • review all by-laws of Committees of Council and all constituent Branches, and to ensure that they are set out correctly and in legal terminology
  • uphold the current constitution
  • maintain the proper channels of communication for suggested and proposed changes to the constitution
  • advise Council on the appointment of a Legal Advisor
Private Practice
  • negotiate with the Professional Board of the HPCSA concerning ethical matters
  • negotiate and advise on fee structures for Medical Technology Laboratories
  • guide and assist Medical Technologists in private practice or who are planning to go into private practice
  • exercise peer group review on matters of Professional ethics and conduct
  • ensure the participation of Medical Technologists as role players on a national accreditation body
  • consult with all branches of SMLTSA on the subject of accreditation
  • co-ordinate, publicise on-going educational opportunities
  • stimulate and monitor on-going programmes of CPD (Continuing Professional Development)
  • formulate proposals for personal accreditation
  • maintain a high standard of the SMLTSA publications, and promotion of Medical Technology SA, the official scientific journal of the profession
  • continue to uphold the high standard required for the thesis
Public Relations
  • market the SMLTSA to Medical Technologist and other health professionals
  • promote the Profession of Medical Technology to the public at large
  • administer the travel fund
  • review all applications for assistance
  • administer national awards available to the SMLTSA members
  • endeavour where possible to obtain new awards for the motivation of Medical Technologists
  • select the best nominated candidate

Membership Fees 2021


(per annum)

(per annum)

STUDENTS (Medical Technologists, MLS, Medical Technicians and Laboratory Assistants)



AFFILIATES (Non-practising members and Qualified Laboratory Assistants)



ASSOCIATES (Qualified Technologists, MLS and Technicians)



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