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Scientific activities

SMLTSA produces a scientific journal twice a year. SMLTSA supports and sponsors a number of activities and special awards with the aim of promoting scientific knowledge and skills and encouraging original work by members

Professional activities

Perhaps the most important role of the society is that of acting as an advisory and consultant body in the fields of education, training and employment.


Members of the SMLTSA represent the profession of Medical Technology at meetings of educational, certifying, registering and employing authorities


Our Vision is for SMLTSA to continue to be the official voice of Medical Technology in South Africa, ensuring that the viewpoint of Medical Laboratory Professionals and the profession is adequately presented when policies are being shaped which may affect pathology testing in Southern Africa.

mission Statement

SMLTSA is dedicated to the promotion of the aims and ideals of medical laboratory science, appropriate to the interests of the community it serves, within a comprehensive unitary health service

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Science Will Not Be Silenced​

SMLTSA is on the forefront of science and research and have developed a world class journal where laboratory professionals can actively contribute to the field of laboratory medicine. By contributing to and embracing research findings laboratory medicine experts can ensure that the services provided are always up to date and appropriate to the local healthcare environment

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When Performance Matters​

Innovation in laboratory technology, which includes both new tests and advances in equipment and testing techniques, has made testing more efficient and automated. Information technology (IT) has revolutionized the transfer of data by decreasing the time it takes to order and receive test results and by creating opportunities for research on large datasets. As SMLTSA, we endorse and support technology to the fullest.

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Saving Lives, One Specimen At A Time

At SMLTSA we develop the profession with the understanding that there is a patient at the end of each specimen. Patients lives matter! To that end, we ensure that our education structures are benchmarked to the world at large, so as to develop competent and qualified laboratory professionals.

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Promoting the profession of medical technology in South Africa.

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