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Examination rules
Examination re-mark process
Post examination registration with the HPCSA


Board Examination Fees

South Africa

Medical Technologist: R1358.40
(R1392.00 cash deposits)
Closing date for applications – 31st May

Medical Technician: R1235.30
(R1266.00 cash deposits)
Closing date for applications – 31st May

Laboratory Assistant: R1112.00
(R1140.00 cash deposits)
Closing date for applications – 31st January

Remark of exam papers: R393.00
(R410.00 cash deposits)


Medical Technologist: R1992.00
Closing date for applications – 31st May

Medical Technician: R1866.00
Closing date for applications – 31st May

Laboratory Assistant: R1740.00
Closing date for applications – 31st January

Remark of exam papers: R615.00


SMLTSA Banking Details

Bank: Standard Bank – Thibault Square
Account name: SMLTSA
Branch code: 020909
Account number: 070950504


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Examination Dates 2019

Medical Technologists 1 Monday 11 March 2019
Medical Technologists Cytology Screening Tuesday 12 March 2019
Laboratory Assistants Monday 8 April 2019
Medical Technicians –
Immunohaematology and Cytology THEORY
Monday 5 August 2019
Medical Technologists 2 Monday 9 September 2019
Medical Technologists Cytology Screening Tuesday 10 September 2019
Medical Technicians – incl. Cytology PRACTICAL
excl. Immunohaematology
Monday 7 October 2019
Medical Technicians –
Immunohaematology PRACTICAL
Must pass the August theory paper with minimum of 50% to enter the practical examination in October. The practical examination pass mark is 50%.
Wednesday 9 October 2019


Examination Centres

Note that examinations will be written at the following centres only:

From north to south:
Limpopo Province – Polokwane
Mphumalanga – Nelspruit
Mphumalanga – Ermelo
Mphumalanga - Witbank**
North West – Rustenburg**
Gauteng – Tswane Persequor Park
Gauteng – Tswane Centurion
Gauteng – Johannesburg Midrand
Gauteng – Johannesburg Weltevreden Park
Gauteng – Sedibeng van der Bijl Park
Free State – Bloemfontein
KZN – Amanzimtoti
Eastern Cape – East London**
Eastern Cape – Umtata**
Eastern Cape – Port Elizabeth
Western Cape – Cape Town

**dependant on number of candidates

Candidates are responsible for their own travel and/or accommodation costs.


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General Information for Submitting Examination Applications

Please read these notes very carefully. Implementation is with immediate effect:


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Closing Date for Examination Applications

Closing date for acceptance of applications:


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Applicant Postal Address


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Unable to Write the Examination

In the event that you are unable to write the examination the following must be carefully understood:


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Examination Rules

  1. Candidates must arrive a minimum of 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. Latecomers will not be given extra time.
  2. Cell phones are not permitted into the examination room.
  3. Communication between candidates is not allowed in the examination room.
  4. Supporting material (including blank paper, books, notes and electronic equipment) is not allowed in the examination room, unless the use of particular items is expressly allowed or prescribed. Only hand held non-programmable calculators may be used.
  5. No smoking, eating or drinking is allowed in the examination room.
  6. The front cover of each answer book must be fully completed.
  7. Candidates’ names are expressly prohibited from being written anywhere on any of the books.
  8. All the instructions on the examination paper must be read and followed.
  9. Candidates are not allowed to leave the examination room within the first 45 minutes of the examination session.
  10. Parts of answer books may not be removed.
  11. All answer books must be handed to the invigilator before leaving the examination room. Under no circumstances will books be accepted after the candidate has left the room.
  12. If more than one answer book is used, the front page of the second and further books must be fully completed and placed inside the cover of the first when handing in.
  13. Any candidate causing a disturbance or disrupting the examination will be disqualified, and then asked to leave the examination room.
  14. The following disciplinary steps will be taken in the event of rule transgression:
    • If a candidate is caught doing anything irregular, their examination script will be taken away immediately and the time entered on the front cover. He/she will be issued with another answer book and the time recorded and signed by the invigilator. All relevant evidence will be handed in with the examination script removed from the candidate.
    • If the candidate persists in committing a violation his/her examination script will be taken from them and he/she will be asked to leave the examination room.
    • The invigilator and the candidate must both complete a written declaration and a suspected malpractice report form which will be handed in with the examination script/s in question to the SMLTSA administration office.


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Examination Re-mark Process

Should a candidate feel that the final examination mark does not accurately reflect the expected outcome, they may apply to the office for a re-mark of their examination papers. Payment of R374.50 must be made to the SMLTSA account. A written request must be submitted to the SMLTSA office, either postal or via electronic mail, to request a remark quoting the examination number and providing proof of payment.

Examination REMARK Application Form (PDF)
All categories and levels
R393.00 (SA) *R410.00 cash deposit
R615.00 (Namibia) remark fee

Applications for Remark of examinations – applications are due within ONE (1) MONTH of release of examination results.


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Post Examination Registration with the HPCSA

On successful completion of the PBMT examination, it is the responsibility of the candidate to register with the HPCSA as a qualified practitioner in the relevant category and discipline in order to legally practice in South Africa.


Registration fees are payable to:

HPCSA Banking Details

Bank: ABSA – Arcadia
Branch code: 632005
Account number: 0610000169 (other monies)
Account type: Cheque Account

Include your HPCSA student/intern registration number as reference


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