Professional Titles

Towards the end of 2013, the Professional Board for Medical Technology passed a resolution allowing qualified laboratory personnel the use of professional titles. The use of the title signifies that the practitioner is registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) to practice in the discipline indicated.

Use of Professional Designations

The professional title consists of the parts “registration category”+ (HPCSA) + “discipline registered”. Where one or more additional disciplines have been registered, the practitioner may use all of them in the title e.g. MT (HPCSA) CP, SM, SCH

Medical Technologists MT
MT (HPCSA) CP CP Clinical Pathology
MT (HPCSA) SM SM Microbiology Specials
MT (HPCSA) SH SH Haematology Specials
MT (HPCSA) SCH SCH Chemical Pathology Specials
MT (HPCSA) SI SI Immunology
MT (HPCSA) SCG SCG Cytogenetics
MT (HPCSA) SHG SHG Human Genetics
MT (HPCSA) SHP SHP Histopathology
MT (HPCSA) SV SV Virology
MT (HPCSA) SBT SBT Immunohaematology
Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS)
MLS (HPCSA) CP CP Clinical Pathology
MLS (HPCSA) SM SM Microbiology Specials
MLS (HPCSA) SH SH Haematology Specials
MLS (HPCSA) SCH SCH Chemical Pathology Specials
MLS (HPCSA) SI SI Immunology
MLS (HPCSA) SCG SCG Cytogenetics
MLS (HPCSA) SHG SHG Human Genetics
MLS (HPCSA) SHP SHP Histopathology
MLS (HPCSA) SV SV Virology
MLS (HPCSA) SBT SBT Immunohaematology
Medical Technicians GT
GT (HPCSA) CP CP Clinical Pathology
GT (HPCSA) SM SM Microbiology Specials
GT (HPCSA) SH SH Haematology Specials
GT (HPCSA) SCH SCH Chemical Pathology Specials
GT (HPCSA) SI SI Immunology
GT (HPCSA) SHP SHP Histopathology
CT (HPCSA) SCY Note: Registration is CT for Cytotechnician SCY Cytology
GT (HPCSA) SV SV Virology
GT (HPCSA) SPH *registration number is erroneously titled MTPHA – possible change to GTPH SPH Phlebotomy
GT (HPCSA) SBT SBT Immunohaematology
Laboratory Assistants LA
LA (HPCSA) CP CP Clinical Pathology/Media
LA (HPCSA) BT BT Immunohaematology


Professional titles will automatically be conferred upon a practitioner once registration has been awarded by the Registrar at HPCSA. The certificate of registration will contain the title/s which may be used by the individual.

Once a certificate of registration has been received by the individual, s/he may begin using the title according to the recommendations prescribed in this document.

A professional may utilize his or her professional title for the following purposes:

A professional may not use his/her professional title in the following instances: