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At SMLTSA we believe that pertinent training and research developments are paramount to ensure that the services provided by laboratory medicine is always up to date and appropriate to the local and international healthcare environment.
To this end we encourage experienced Medical Laboratory Professionals to join our Scientific Advisory Committees and influence the future of our Profession.
Our world class journal, JMLSTSA, where laboratory professionals can actively contribute research findings to the field of Laboratory Medicine.
SMLTSA hosts a bi-annual national congress to provide another platform to showcase studies and developments within our profession. We encourage all MLP’s to participate in national and international congresses pertinent to their scope of profession.

In this section you can find information pertaining to:

The Journal of Medical Laboratory Science and Technology SA (JMLSTSA)

The Journal of Medical Laboratory Science and Technology SA(JMLSTSA) is the official journal of the SMLTSA.


  • Is an Open Access Journal
  • Provides a platform for multi-disciplinary articles in research  or on a diagnostic level
  • Is accredited by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET)
  • Is currently published bi-annually

All Submissions are peer reviewed to ensure the publication standard is maintained.

We invite submissions to our world class journal, the JMLSTSA, where laboratory professionals can actively contribute research findings to the field of Laboratory Medicine.

Submit your…

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National Education Committee

The National Education Committee (NEC) oversees all educational matters and acts as a liaison between the SACs and SMLTSA Executive Committee and/ or the HPCSA Education, Training and Registration Committee (ETRC)

  • All the SAC’s have a voice on the NEC via their SAC Chairs.
  • Representatives from other related/relevant bodies such as Universities/Universities of Technology and trainers of Medical Laboratory Professionals serve on the NEC

Scientific Advisory Committee

Scientific Advisory Committees are comprised of appropriately qualified Medical Laboratory Professionals who are employed or have worked, in the Medical Technology industry.
The SAC’s are responsible for compiling the training curricula for all categories within their specific disciplines of Medical Laboratory Technology/Science.
The SAC’s also set all the HPCSA Professional Board for Medical Technology (PBMT) examinations and report to the NEC.

Scientific Advisory Committees of SMLTSA

  • Clinical Pathology SAC including Phlebotomy Forum
  • Clinical Chemistry (Chem Path) SAC
  • Cytogenetics SAC
  • Cytology SAC
  • Microbiology SAC
  • Haematology SAC
  • Immunohaematology (Blood Transfusion) SAC
  • Immunology SAC
  • Virology SAC
  • Histopathological SAC

Please Contact the SMLTSA Office Manager  for further information.

Promoting the profession of medical technology in South Africa.

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